Importing AWS data into Insight

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To import AWS data into Insight, create the import configuration:

  1. Open the configuration of your object schema.
  2. Switch to the Import tab. If you have installed the Insight AWS integration, it should appear as one of the import modules.
  3. Create the import configuration by using details described on this page. For more info on import configurations and how to create them, see Importing data.

Import type settings

Optional date patterns

Specifying the date patterns in the general import configuration settings is optional, but it can improve performance.

Date format


Date/time format

dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm

Module specific configuration

Access Key

IAM key and secret generated in AWS. See Setting up Insight AWS Integration.

Secret Key

Choose your AWS Region(s). For S3 discovery, choose the Ohio region.


External IAM role ARNs (comma-separated).

Accounts To Sync(Optional) External AWS accounts to synchronize (comma-separated).
Last modified on Sep 23, 2021

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