Make way for Backlogs in Kanban boards

Great news for Kanban board users! Kanban boards are getting a Backlog of their own initially as a JIRA Software Labs feature.

By enabling the Kanban Backlog, you can turn your Kanban board from this:

...into this:



No more scrolling, more efficient planning

With a bigger and more optimized list view of your Backlog, there will be less scrolling through all those issues, and more efficient planning of your team's work.

After grooming your Backlog, you can drag and drop issues into the next step in your workflow, in this case, Selected for Development. These issues then appear in the first column of your Kanban board.

No distractions, only focus

With issue creation and (allthethings) planning now done in the Backlog, the Kanban board is now the ideal distraction-free zone for your team. Team members can grab issues and start working on them — without the distraction of Backlog issues in the Kanban board.



As the Kanban Backlog is a JIRA Software Labs feature, you can provide any suggestions by clicking on the Feedback icon on the Project sidebar.

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