New design of JIRA Software issue cards

Issue cards represent work items in JIRA Software — with work items usually being "something that needs to be done" at some point in software development. As cards contain important details about each JIRA Software issue, we've endeavored to give the cards better readability, with improved information hierarchy and placement.

In a Scrum or Kanban backlog

In Active sprints of a Scrum board, or a Kanban board

Cards have a stacking order

To clearly organize content in a readable way, we've given the cards layers that are stacked on top of each other — and are always stacked in the same order:

  1. Issue summary
  2. Any custom fields created by users
  3. Other related issue information, including issue type, priority, and estimate

In both the backlog and board across Scrum and Kanban, the issue summary is consistently at the top level of the card.

Cards are organized

The corners of an issue card are actually the most "glanceable" spots. With the issue summary stacked at the top left of the card, we've logically positioned other related issue details at the bottom-left and -right corners of the card.

Cards have character

For cards to be easily identified and scanned at a glance, they need to be visually distinct from one another. With the new design, the cards now have more space to breathe, while still showing more details per card than in the previous design.

New design, same functionality

There are no functional changes between the previous and new designs of the issue cards. Just like with the previous design, when you right-click on a card, you'll still get the usual context menu. You can then send the card to the top or bottom of the column, remove the card from a sprint, and all other actions.

The issue key is now at the bottom-right corner of the cards, and retains the ability to open the issue in a new tab or window when you right-click on it.

Screenshot: right-click on a card to open the context menu in JIRA Software

Screenshot: right-click on the issue key on a card to open the issue in a new tab or window


We're working on further improvements based on your feedback. If you have any feedback or suggestions, let us know by clicking on the Feedback icon on the header.

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