Functionality update and moving to our new cloud infrastructure

As we enter the final stages of preparation for moving Questions for Confluence over to the new Atlassian Cloud infrastructure, we can announce the final list of changes we need to make to Questions for Confluence functionality. Once again, some changes you won't notice, but we do need to remove some functionality, at least in the short term, to make the move possible. We're hopeful that we can add some features back after the initial move, and we'll share that information with you when we have it.

We'll notify you when we start moving sites over to the new Questions for Confluence in the next few weeks. If you have feedback to share with us, or would like to ask a question, feel free to add a comment to this issue.

The functionality we need to remove is as follows:

  • Tables, non-image files, and emojis in question descriptions, answers, and comments
  • Share question to Confluence users (you can still share the question by copying its share link/URL)
  • The popular questions filter
  • "Watch all" questions – This one gave you the option to watch every new question created on your site
  • Questions for Confluence RSS feeds
  • The number of answers created and accepted in the "top expert" panels, and the Your statistics panel on the Experts page (you'll still see experts and their points)
  • Expert profiles, with questions, answers, and reputation information – This was linked from the top experts' names on the Experts page
  • The number of questions per topic on the main Topics page, and in topic detail pages (but you can still see a list of recent and unanswered questions per topic)
  • The questions list macro
  • Questions content in the content by label macro
  • Create a question from the Confluence create dialog or create from template macro
  • Languages other than English
  • Anonymous access (the ability for people to interact with Questions when not logged in to Confluence)
  • Search engine optimization (adding code to the robots.txt file)


In the immediate future there'll also be no way to export to/import from Questions for Confluence Server. We're really hopeful we'll be able to support migration in future, but we unfortunately can't give any guarantees or timeframes at this point. If and when the situation changes, we'll let you know.


As a reminder, here's the functionality to be removed that we announced previously:

  • Reputation-based permissions
  • Modifying the dashboard title and description – The dashboard title sets your web browser page title, and the description is the description of your page that appears in search results.
  • Instance statistics
  • The user reputation page
  • The expertise profile macro – This shows your Questions expertise stats in your Confluence profile
  • Related Questions – A list of similar questions shown on the create question page
  • Convert to comment / Convert to answer
  • Send notifications to HipChat rooms

There will also be some minor changes to keyboard shortcuts in the new Questions for Confluence Cloud.

  • Undo is now ⌘ + Shift + Z on Mac.
  • Use Ctrl + Enter / ⌘ + Enter to submit your question, answer, or comment.
  • ⌘ + Alt + 0 through 9 set paragraph (0), heading (1–6), quote (7), code block (8), and panel (9) styles.
  • Ctrl + Shift + L / ⌘ + Shift + L create a numbered list.
  • Ctrl + Shift + B / ⌘ + Shift + B create a bulleted list.
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