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There are common errors when setting email with your service desk. If you are not receiving requests, or if you are getting errors, check the email connection. You might also review how emails are processed to see why a certain type of email isn't making it to your service desk.

Check your email connection

To troubleshoot email channel issues, the first thing to do is to check the connection between Jira Service Desk and your email account. You will see error messages that show you why the email channel doesn't work for your service desk.

To check your connection:

  1. Choose  > Jira settings > Products.
  2. Under Jira Service Desk, select Email requests.
  3. Select Test

Common email channel errors

Error Resolution

The email address you entered is currently used by another project's email channel. Please choose another email address. Check out our troubleshooting docs for help resolving the issue.

Make sure each of your service desk projects has a unique email account. An email account can't connect with multiple service desks.

Customers are emailing requests that aren't arriving in your queues. They also aren't receiving notifications.

  • Use the instructions above to check the email connection.
  • Verify that the customer has permission to email the service desk. 
  • Verify that the default request type for the email channel has visible Summary and Description fields. 
  • Verify that the Email puller is on in Global mail settings.
  • If the associated email inbox is in Office 365, it might be because an attachment on the request is larger than 2MB. This is a known issue with Office 365. To resolve it, try resizing the attachment.
  • If the associated email is AOL, the AOL mail server might reject the mail. This is because the Atlassian Cloud mail server is not a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN). We recommend that you don't use AOL email addresses with your service desk.  
No suitable request type for the email channel.

Verify that the default request type for the email channel has visible Summary and Description fields.

Archived messages are creating requests.

When Jira Service Desk checks your email accounts for new messages, it polls the Inbox folder.

In Gmail, archived messages might still have the Inbox label. With POP3, Jira Service Desk is unable to identify archived messages by labels, and still creates requests out of them. To resolve this, use IMAP.

Gmail: Unfortunately JIRA couldn't connect to the mail server. Here is what the mail server said: "[ALERT] Please log in via your web browser": (Failure)

Yahoo: Unfortunately JIRA couldn't connect to the mail server. Here is what the mail server said: "[AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] (#MBR1240) Please verify your account by going to"

Create an application-specific password for Jira Service Desk. Gmail instructions can be found here; Yahoo! instructions are here
Microsoft Outlook or POP: Unfortunately JIRA Service Desk couldn't connect to the mail server. Here is what the mail server said: "STAT command failed: Exceeded the login limit for a 15 minute period. Reduce the frequency of requests to the POP3 server. Jira Service Desk checks email accounts every minute. Microsoft Outlook might suspect inappropriate usage of this account and lock it for security reasons. To resolve this, use IMAP.

Check how you process email requests

Global email settings control how your site processes requests that your customers send to your service desk email addresses. We process emails in three stages:

  • Email puller: Fetches emails from the service desk's associated inbox.
  • Email processor: Filters pulled emails to remove things like auto-replies and spam.
  • Database cleaner: Deletes old emails from the database.

You might temporarily adjust these settings to troubleshoot your email channel.

To change Global mail settings:

  1. Choose > Jira settings > System.
  2. Go to Mail > Global mail settings.

Email puller

The puller fetches unread emails from the associated inbox every minute. It then copies them to the email database. Emails with attachments larger than 25MB are not fetched.

Email processor

The processor filters non-requests from the pulled emails. To do this, it filters emails based on content of the auto-generated headers:

  • Auto replies: filters out emails if the auto-submitted headers contain the keywords auto-generatedauto-replied, or auto-notified.
  • Bulk mail: filters out emails that the mail server marks as spam.
  • Delivery status notifications: filters out emails if the multipart/report header contains report-type-delivery-status, or if the return-path header has a null email address.
  • Jira mailfilters out Jira emails that your site sends by checking if they have X-JIRA-FingerPrint in the header

Database cleaner

Every day, the database cleaner purges all emails in the database that are older than 45 days. You can change the purge to a range of intervals from 14 days to 180 days.

Last modified on May 29, 2019

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