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Stride is the complete communication solution that empowers teams to talk less and do more. 

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Last modified on Sep 18, 2017

Frequently asked questions

Learn about Stride! We've got answers to all your questions here.

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Upgrading to Stride

Upgrading from HipChat Cloud to Stride? Get answers to your questions here.

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Invite your team

Speed up the pace of teamwork—invite your team to join the conversation on Stride.

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Chat in rooms

Stay productive and on-task—chat with your team to plan out the features of a new software release or commiserate about your fantasy football loss.

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Chat directly with a teammate

Make some collaboration magic—chat directly with your teammates.

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Sort your chats list

See a list of all the chats you have open at a glance—manage your communications to keep things working efficiently and looking slick.

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Create messages

Make your messages shine—inspire your team with expertly crafted messages, and look like a boss while you're at it!

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Set your availability

Let your teammates know whether you're available, or you're heads down, so you can cut down on the distraction and concentrate on the deep work that needs to get done.

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Search for anything

Find just about anything—search for rooms, people, and messages.

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Capture actions and decisions

Quickly create important actions and spontaneously capture decisions while you're chatting.

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Meet with people

Sometimes face-to-face is best—start or join a meeting with your teammates to cut to the chase and knock out some work.

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Add apps

Save time and stay informed—integrate the apps you use everyday into Stride to propel your productivity.

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Change your settings

No more FOMO (fear of missing out)—set your profile and customize your notification settings to make Stride work for you.

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Administer Stride

Administer your Stride team efficiently, comprehensively, and with flair.

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