Managing users

As a Jira administrator, you can manage users directly in Jira, or enable public signup so users can create their own accounts. You can refer to these pages for information on managing users across multiple projects and applications.

For all of the following procedures, you must be logged in as a user with the Jira administrators or Jira system administrators global permission.

What you can do
Learn about different ways to create users in Jira, edit user information and properties, and deactivate or delete users who no longer need to use the system.

Assign users to groups, project roles, and applications

Give users access to different functions in Jira like project roles and applications. Users are created without any access so this is a critical step to allow your team to get started.

Monitor a user's activity

Keep an eye on user activity to keep your system running well. This information can help Administrators analyze Jira performance and also know which users have been inactive for a while.  

Prevent automatic login

Administrators can control which user login information is stored or turn off this feature completely. Read more to learn about the details and benefits.  

Manage password policyMake sure your Jira system is secure by implementing a password policy and CAPTCHA.
Control anonymous user accessKeep your user data safe and make sure anonymous users can't access the content they should not view.
Anonymize usersAnonymize a user to hide or delete any data that can identify them as a real person. This can be useful if a person is leaving your organization and requests to have their personal data erased.

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See centralized user management.

Last modified on Oct 7, 2022

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