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Security Implications

Add only gadgets from sources that you trust. Gadgets can allow unwanted or malicious code onto your web page and into your application. A gadget specification is just a URL. The functionality it provides can change at any time.

If you have administrator privileges, you can configure your application to subscribe to gadgets from other Atlassian applications. This feature allows administrators to make all the gadgets from one application available in another application, without having to enable each gadget individually via the gadget URL.

To make use of this feature, you will need two or more applications that support the feature.

The gadgets included are those provided by the other application or via plugins installed into that application. They do not include external gadgets that the other application has added to its directory.

To subscribe to gadgets from another application,

  1. Go to the dashboard by clicking the 'Dashboard' link or the 'Home' link at the top left of the screen.
  2. The dashboard appears. Click 'Add Gadget'.
  3. The 'Add Gadget' screen appears, showing the list of gadgets in your directory. See the gadget directory screenshot below. Click 'Gadget Subscriptions'.
    (info) You will only see this button if you have administrator permissions for your dashboard, and if your application supports gadget subscriptions.
  4. The 'Gadget Subscriptions' screen appears, showing the applications to which your application already subscribes. Click 'Add Subscription'.
  5. The 'Add Subscription' screen appears. See the screenshot below. Enter the base URL of the application you want to subscribe to. For example, or
  6. Click 'Finished' to add the subscription.

Screenshot: Gadget directory with 'Gadget Subscriptions' button

Screenshot: Adding a gadget subscription

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Last modified on Jul 1, 2021

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