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These steps are for migrating projects between different instances of Jira Server and Data Center and require a 3rd party app Project Configurator for Jira. If you're migrating from Server to Cloud, see Jira Server to Cloud migration resources.

If you encounter any problems with the migration, check the available resources and the list of known issues.


If you encounter any problems while exporting or importing your configuration changes, check the following resources:

Known issues

Custom field context applies only to some issue types

An import fails with the following message: 

The custom field 'XXXX' in the backup project is used by issue types 'AAAA, BBBB' but the field with the same name in the current Jira instance is not available to those issue types in this project.

This is a known issue. To work around it, make the custom fields available to all issue types:

  1. In the target instance, configure the custom fields to be available to all issue types.
  2. Rerun the import, but choose to ignore custom fields in the configuration import. Otherwise, the custom fields will be imported from the source, overwriting your changes in the target instance.
  3. Optional: After a successful import, you can restore these custom fields to their original configuration (restricted to some issue types).

Validation errors with no extra information

The following warnings appear when a value of a text field exceeds the maximum text field size in the target instance. For more information about changing this limit, see Preparing for migrating projects.

WARN  11:00:56,968 The attachment '' does not exist at '/tmp/com.awnaba.projectconfigurator1493567880435/data/attachments/XXXXXXXXXXX'. It will not be imported.

WARN  11:00:56,968 The attachment 'screenshot-1.png' does not exist at '/tmp/com.awnaba.projectconfigurator1493567880435/data/attachments/YYYYYYYYYYYY'. It will not be imported.

WARN  11:00:56,968 The attachment 'screenshot-1.png' does not exist at '/tmp/com.awnaba.projectconfigurator1493567880435/data/attachments/ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ'. It will not be imported.

INFO  11:00:56,969 Project Import: Validation errors were found. The import cannot continue.

Problem with migrating values for the Time in Status custom field

The import trace shows the following warning:

WARNINGS: Unable to import custom field 'Time in Status'. The custom field type does not support project imports.

Since it's only a warning, it will not stop the import, but the values for this custom field will not be imported. There's no need to worry about that because these values will be automatically recalculated.

Last modified on Oct 14, 2022

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