Different types of email notifications in Jira

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Jira can send email notifications to users when significant events occur. For example, when an issue is created or completed, or when any issue fields are updated. Learn more about configuring email notifications

Notifications about issues

Users can receive two types of issue-related notifications:

  • Batched notifications: sent for events that occur close together. They are grouped and sent in a single summary email to avoid too many emails cluttering your mailbox. For example, someone assigned an issue to you and also updated its status and description.

  • Separate notifications: each sent in a separate email. For example, after someone deletes an issue you’re assigned to.

The difference between batched issue notifications came to life when Jira introduced batched issue notifications. This change aimed to reduce the number of emails coming from Jira by grouping issue updates that occurred close together into a single summary email.

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To view which notifications your Jira instance is using, go to Administration  > System > Batching email notifications. If the feature is enabled, you’re using batched issue notifications.

Learn more about configuring batched notifications

TypeJira versionExamples
Batched issue notifications

8.1 and later

Default from Jira 8.4

Here’s what an email with batched notifications looks like:

As you can notice, it groups all events from the last few minutes and presents them as a summary.

Separate issue notifications

Any version

Default up to Jira 8.4

Every issue update is sent in a separate email.

Other notifications

Notifications about other events don’t have different types as they always come in separate emails. This includes notifications like User created, User signup, Forgot password, Contact admin, Email from admin, etc. To put it shortly, it’s every notification that is not related to updates in your issues.

Last modified on Oct 12, 2023

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