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We’re creating Jira in English, but we know it’s being used by teams around the globe. Here you can learn more about the translations we provide, and find some ways to translate Jira on your own.

What translations of Jira are currently available?

Official languages

Jira ships with a number of translations in the most commonly-requested languages, which are updated and corrected with each release. You can easily update these via the Universal Plugin Manager - see Managing apps.

As a Jira administrator, you can choose the default language from the list of installed languages (see Choosing a default language). If you're a Jira user, you can also choose your preferred language in the user profile. 

Custom languages

If your preferred language is not on the list of official languages, you can go to Packages Atlassian, and check if your language is listed there. You can download and add it to your Jira instance, or even translate some strings on your own. This kb article will help you achieve that.

Making changes to translations

We're constantly working on improving and updating our translations. If you had a problem or just think something could be translated better, give us a shout by creating a suggestion on our public Jira instance. We'll get our best people to review and correct it.

To report a problem with translations in Jira:

  1. Go to Atlassian Translations.
  2. Select Create to create a suggestion. If possible, include the following details:
    • Product: Jira (Server)
    • Language
    • Mistranslated text. You can provide your own translation here if you want.
    • Brief explanation
    • (Optional) Screenshot
    • (Optional) Version

What about translations of the documentation?

Currently, we only offer the Japanese translation of the Jira documentation. See Jira CoreJira Software, or Jira Service Desk.

Last modified on Oct 14, 2022

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