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The DVCS accounts page is one of the integration options for development tools that lets you link your Bitbucket Cloud, GitHub, and GitLab accounts to Jira. Once linked, you can view the development information from your repositories directly in your Jira issues. Learn more about integrating with development tools

Linking your accounts

You can link your Bitbucket Cloud, GitHub, and GitLab accounts to Jira. This is similar to integrating an external application, so you’ll also need to configure some items in your development tools, like OAuth access tokens.

If you’re using other development tools that aren’t listed here, like Bitbucket Server or Bamboo, you can still integrate them through app links.

Managing your accounts

Once you link your accounts, they will appear on the accounts list, together with their repositories.

  1. Link an account: Add your account, and its repositories, to Jira.

  2. Search: Search for a repository to get a list of repos and available configuration for them.

  3. Accounts: After linking an account, it appears on the list. Click any of the accounts to view details about its repositories.

  4. Configuration: Configuration options for your whole account.

Configuration options

For each account, you can complete these actions:

Visit account page

Not available for Bitbucket Cloud

Opens the external account page.

Configure default account settings

Allows you to set some global settings for your account:

  • Auto-link new repositories (when adding a new DVCS account)/Automatically sync new repositories (when editing an existing DVCS account): Keep your repositories in Jira up to date with any new changes.

  • Enable Smart Commits: Allows you to process your issues using special commands in your commit messages. For more info, see Processing issues with Smart Commits.

Refresh repositoriesSynchronizes changes from all repositories in this account using soft sync, which means that only changes that happened since the last synchronization are updated. You can also perform a full sync (recreating data) from the repositories view.
Configure automatic access

Available only for Bitbucket Cloud

For more info, see Configure automatic team invitations.

Reset OAuth settings

Not available for GitLab and GitLab self-managed

Resets the settings that you specified when linking an account.

DeleteDeletes your account from Jira.

Managing your repositories

You can view your repositories in two ways:

  • Search: Use the search bar on the main DVCS accounts page to find a list of repositories and view actions for them.

  • Account: Click any of your linked account to switch the view to repositories.

  1. Add repository: Add an unlinked repository to this account. When adding a new account, you can choose to auto-link all repositories, in which case you’d already have all of them on the list.

  2. Repositories: List of your repositories. Click any to open it in your development tool.

  3. Last activity: Information about the last activity. When you hover over it, you’ll see a refresh icon that lets you sync the latest changes. Good to know: You can also shift-click this icon to view additional syncing options (full sync).

  4. Smart Commits: Enables or disables Smart Commits for this repository.

  5. Account tools: Configuration options for your whole account.

Viewing your development information in Jira

Once you’ve linked your accounts and their repositories, Jira will automatically search them for issue keys to try to connect your development work with relevant issues.

For more info on how to reference issues in the development work, and how to view the dev info in issues, see:

Last modified on Jun 15, 2023

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