Examples: Customizing email content

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Here’s some examples of how to modify your email templates.

Adding customized onboarding instructions

Template: usersignup.vm

The usersignup.vm template controls notifications sent to new users. You can add your onboarding instructions, or external links, somewhere before the footer, as shown in this example:


<Your onboarding instructions>



Template: any, most commonly footer.vm or header.vm

  1. Add the image file to the ZIP archive you downloaded from Jira. You should create a new folder for it at the top of the hierarchy, next to email and email-batch.

  2. Refer to the image file in your templates. Jira will send the image together with notifications.

    <img src="/images/logo.png">

Showing issue’s URL instead of content

Template: Issue notifications templates (batched and separate)

Use the following snippet to generate a URL to your issue. In this URL, the issue summary will be displayed as URL’s text. If you don’t want to reveal the summary, you can change it to something else.

<a href='${baseurl}/browse/${issue.getKey()}'>$textutils.htmlEncode($issue.getSummary())</a>

Once you have the URL, use it in one of the templates for issue notifications. For example, if you wanted to modify issuecreated.vm, you’d have to replace its content with the following snippet:


#defaultMailHeader("email.event.activity.created.issue", $issue.reporter)

#set($link ="<a href='${baseurl}/browse/${issue.getKey()}'>$textutils.htmlEncode($issue.getSummary())</a>")



Displaying conditional content based on security level

Template: Issue notifications templates (batched and separate)

  1. Add the following Velocity snippet to define the name of your security level: 

    #if ($issue.securityLevel)
      #(set($issueSecurityLevel = $issue.securityLevel.getString(“name”))
  2. Display your content if the issue matches the defined security level: 

    #if($issueSecurityLevel == "My Security Level")
      The content you'd like to display for this security level.
Last modified on Nov 23, 2020

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