Migrating from other issue trackers

When migrating from another issue tracking application to Jira, you may wish to take your data with you. You can do it by importing the data into Jira in CSV or JSON format.

(info) Our website highlights some top reasons why people migrate from other issue trackers to Jira.

As of Jira 8.4, we no longer support built-in importers that are dedicated to some applications. 

See the list of those applications.
  • Asana
  • Bitbucket
  • Bugzilla
  • FogBugz
  • Github
  • Mantis
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Redmine
  • Trac

However, you can still import data to Jira in CSV or JSON format. 

To import your data:

  1. Log in to Jira as a user with the Jira Administrators global permission.
  2. Choose Administration () > System. Select Import & Export > External System Import to open the Import external projects page.
  3. Select CSV or JSON as the file format for your import.

Learn more about:

There is also a workaround for importing comments.
Last modified on Dec 13, 2023

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