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See what’s broken

We have completely re-designed our application links page to let you see what’s going on with your integrations. You can now easily spot which integrations are broken and need your immediate attention.


As of Application Links 5.0.5, the 'Configure application links' screen displays status lozenges for each link:

You can click a lozenge to get diagnostics and troubleshooting information, as described below.


Built-in diagnostics

Get your integrations up and running again. Our new built-in diagnostics tool not only tells you which of your integrations are broken but also provides you with information on how to fix them.

The 'Configure application links' screen displays status lozenges for each link. You can click a lozenge to get diagnostics and troubleshooting information:

CONNECTEDThe application link is functioning correctly.
Authenticate to see status

Before you are able to see the status of this application link you need to authenticate with the remote application.

  • Clicking the link will let you authenticate with the remote application and then retrieve the status

The configuration of the application link needs to be upgraded because you might be using a deprecated authentication type.

  • Click the lozenge to see further information on why your configuration needs to be upgraded

There is a problem with the configuration of the application link. For example, your incoming and outgoing authentication configurations may not match.


An error occurs when connecting to the remote application.

DISABLEDThe application link and any integration features are disabled.

The Application Links plugin installed on the remote application is not supported.

  • You can upgrade the remote application to get the diagnostics capabilities.
ACCESS DENIEDYou do not have admin privileges on the remote application to see the status of the application link.


Better documentation

Get the help you need in one convenient place. Our overhauled troubleshooting guide provides you with in-depth information on what might have caused your problems and describes how to fix them.

These troubleshooting guides describe the causes of the problems diagnosed in the 'Configure application links' screen, list the error messages you may see in the application logs, and set out the actions you can take to resolve problems with application links:


Last modified on Dec 11, 2015

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