Importing NVD data into Assets

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To import NVD data into Assets, navigate to the Import section in the object schema configuration. Learn more about importing in Assets.

Import type settings

Optional Date patterns

You don't need to specify the date pattern in the general import configuration settings. However, it could be wise to specify them since you will get some improved performance.

Date Format


Date/Time Format

dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm

Module Specific Configuration



NVD Data Feed

Optional Vulnerabilities Data Endpoint from

Build full CVE-Database

The Modified Data Feed Endpoint are always fetched.

If you like to build up a full NVD-Database (from 2002 until now)

You need to select and import additional endpoints, one by one and only one time!

After imported a yearly NVD-Data Package changes will be automatically updated based on the Modified Data Feed.

Importing all NVD data will end in over 300.000 Objects and this will need a lot of configured JVM memory.

Read more about system requirements here: Installing Assets.

Offline Mode

If this option is selected, you have to place the manual downloaded NVD-Packages to the import folder.

You will find the folder at <JIRA-HOME>/import/assets/cve

Last modified on Dec 13, 2022

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