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Automation for Jira Data Center and Server release notes provide information on changes, improvements, and issues resolved in each release.

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Released on 12 May, 2021

Summary of changes

  • The HTTP client used for outgoing web requests was made stateless (maintaining state between requests fixed).
  • Fixed setting issue version in the Clone issue action.
  • Fixed retrieving worklog items via smart values.
  • Added the weekOfYearIso function for date type smart values.
  • Timeout on evaluating regex expression added to avoid potential infinite loops.
  • The SQL 'in' clause limit replaced with batching for reading rule state.
  • The URL validation for all outgoing web calls delegated to the Jira allowlist added as an option.
  • The primary key column typed changed from integer to biginteger in all Automation for Jira database tables.

Resolved issues

T Key Summary Status

Last modified on Jun 11, 2021

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