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Jira automation allows administrators (both global and project) to create powerful automation rules for projects. This allows global administrators to delegate work to their project admins and return the power to the people where appropriate.

Although we never allow project administrators to do things that they don’t have permission to do and we have protections in place to prevent Jira from being overloaded, we do make it very easy for them to do things that would make some global admins… nervous…

For example, it is trivial to create 100s of issues or 100s of comments without understanding the consequences.

With our latest release we allow global administrators to lock down who can create project rules. You can remove permission altogether or simply use groups to determine who can and can’t create and edit project rules.

Project administrators will still be able to view rules as we believe it is important for them to understand what is happening in their projects, but they will presented a read-only view:

Last modified on Apr 6, 2022

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