Set a rule to create a Confluence page

You can integrate Jira automation with your Confluence instance. This way, every time someone creates an issue or adds a comment to an issue, your Jira automation rule will create a Confluence page.

Before you set the rule in Jira automation, create a user in Confluence with the “Create page” permission and generate a personal access token. Learn more about using personal access tokens

To create a Confluence page from Jira automation:

  1. Make sure you have permission to create Confluence pages.
  2. Create a rule with the "Send web request" condition.
  3. Set the condition’s parameters as shown in the screenshot below.
    1. Instead of <Confluence_base_url> put your Confluence instance’s url.
    2. Instead of <Token> put the personal access token you generated in the Base64 format.
    3. In case an anonymous user creates a page, remove the Authorization header.
  4. Set custom data as needed. In the example above the Confluence page title is set as the issue's key by using smart values. Learn more about smart values

  5. Enable the rule.

Last modified on Jan 24, 2023

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