Bamboo 5.10 EAP Release Notes

Bamboo 5.10 Release Notes

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Atlassian is proud to present Bamboo 5.10 EAP. This public development release is part of our Early Access Program (EAP) leading up to the official Bamboo 5.10 release. We are making these EAP milestones publicly available so that developers can start assessing the impact of the changes that we are making.

It is our intention to notify you, our plugin developers, as far in advance as possible of everything we know that could possibly affect your plugins. We will update this page as the release progresses, so please watch this page or check back regularly to keep on top of the changes.



This release contains changes that break the plugin backward compatibility. For more information about how to prevent your plugins from breaking, see Bamboo 5.10 EAP upgrade guidelines in Bamboo 5.10 EAP developer notes.

Development releases are snapshots of the ongoing Bamboo development process. For that reason:

  • While we try to keep these releases stable, they have not undergone the same degree of testing as a full release.
  • Features in development releases may be incomplete, or may change or be removed before the next full release.

Atlassian doesn't support any upgrade or downgrade path for EAP releases

Development releases represent work in progress and we cannot provide a supported upgrade path between development releases, or from any development release to the eventual final release.

EAP releases should not be used in production environments as they are not officially supported. For all production use and testing of Bamboo, please use the latest official release instead.


Summary of changes

Bamboo 5.10 EAP is introducing the following changes:

  • JDK8 as a minimum runtime and compile requirement
  • Bamboo runs on Tomcat 8
  • Servlet API upgrade
  • Plugins framework upgrade
  • SAL upgrade
  • Soy Renderer upgrade
  • REST 3.0 upgrade

For detailed information about the changes and upgrade guidelines, see Bamboo 5.10 EAP developer notes.

Known issues




If you change repository details (including authentication) in a plan, the information is not propagated to all plan branches.

You mustn't revoke the existing keys in Bitbucket Server and use Bamboo to create new ones or your existing plan branches will stop working.

Last modified on Aug 30, 2017

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