Bamboo Specs

Configuration as code is now available in Bamboo! We called this feature Bamboo Specs. Learn more about this feature that lets you store build plans configuration as code.

Why configuration as code?

Consider storing your build plan configuration as code for easier automation, change tracking, validation, and much more. You can read about the details in What is configuration as code?

What's in the package?

 Bamboo goodies

  • Bamboo Specs library with an API for writing configuration as code
  • Bamboo Specs Runner Maven plugin for easier plan deployments

 High-level language for configuration

YAML can get the job done, but we know that enterprise users need something much more powerful. That's why we decided to use a simple Java-based plan description language:

  • Enjoy highlighting, syntax checks, and code autocompletion.
  • Validate when you compile and run offline tests.
  • Use high-level language features like modularization or libraries.

If you're not familiar with Java, don't worry. Our onboarding process will bootstrap you directly into a working environment and we have made sure that the plan definitions will be familiar to users of other languages such as Python, C++ or C#. 

 Configuration in a language of your choice

The Bamboo Specs library is written in Java. It means that you can write your code in any high-level JVM language that interoperates with Java, for example Groovy, Scala, or Kotlin.

 Docs and more docs

We're still working on our documentation, but progress is more important than perfection, so we're sharing the first versions with you.

Bamboo Specs reference
Concepts explained with examples. We really like this one, check it out!

Bamboo Specs API reference
Our API. Documented (smile)

Best practices

Because we already have some recommendations!

Supported scenarios
Make the best use out of Bamboo Specs and our Support. 

OK, I'm sold. Where do I start?

Easy. We've prepared some short tutorials for you.

Start with Java |   Start with YAML 

Last modified on Mar 29, 2023

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