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As part of the cold stand-by capabilities of Bamboo Data Center, major changes were made to the home folder. The new organization is a requirement for using multiple nodes with Bamboo Data Center, but this upgrade will affect every type of Bamboo installation, including Server and single-node Data Center setups.

This upgrade splits the home folder into two parts: one containing data which will be exclusive for each instance, and another folder that contains the files that will be shared among every node. We will refer to these folders as local home and shared home respectively.

Who does it affect?

This upgrade task is applied to every instance of Bamboo that will be upgraded to Bamboo 8.0 and doesn’t contain custom paths for folders that are by default placed inside Bamboo’s home folder or if you execute the migration manually, before upgrading your instance.

Bamboo will not move your data if your instance is configured with custom paths. Keep in mind that multiple nodes will require access to these folders when using cold standby.


You can find this information at Bamboo Administration > System Information > Bamboo paths. The path of the directories listed must all be part of the Bamboo home.

What will be changed?

Certain folders and their data will be moved to the /shared folder, inside Bamboo home.

If you are upgrading to a Data Center license and plan to use the cold stand-by setup, you need to make sure the shared folder will be available over the network for every node. Keeping a network-shared folder inside the Bamboo home might be sub-optimal and you might want to place it somewhere outside. You can do that by configuring a different shared home location. See Configuring shared home location.

We also took the opportunity to make minor adjustments to simplify the names of folders.

Lucene indexes were moved to the shared home folder and that impacts the velocity of reindexing in Bamboo. We deprecated Lucene in Bamboo 8.0.

Follow the list of folders and files that are being migrated. Keep in mind that the default location for <bamboo-shared-home> is inside the local home <bamboo-home>/shared.

See the complete list of Bamboo folders...


Bamboo 7.2 path

Bamboo 8.0 path



















JMS store






Server state






Repositories cache



Build results






How do I know if the migration completed?

Once the migration is completed, you will see the following message in the application logs:

 2021-01-01 00:00:00 INFO [Thread] The migration of folders to the shared home has been completed.

If there is an error during the execution of this upgrade task, please follow the instructions provided or if you need help, contact the Atlassian support.

Last modified on Jul 30, 2021

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