Changing Bamboo database settings

The Bamboo database configuration is persisted in the <Bamboo-Home>/bamboo.cfg.xml file. You can change the database settings by editing this file, as detailed in the instructions below:

Changing the Bamboo database username and password.

If you want to change the database username and password, edit the following line,

    <property name="hibernate.connection.password">YOUR_PASSWORD</property>
    <property name="hibernate.connection.username">YOUR_USERNAME</property>

Changing the Bamboo database URL

If you want to change the database URL, edit the following line,

    <property name="hibernate.connection.url">DATABASE_URL</property>

(warning) You need to restart the Bamboo application server for the changes to take effect. If you have any elastic agents running, ensure that they are shut down before you restart the Bamboo server. If you do not shut down your elastic instances before restarting, they will continue to run and become orphaned from your Bamboo server.

Last modified on May 7, 2012

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