Creating deployment projects in Bamboo Specs

Bamboo Specs can be used to create and update deployment projects.

Creating deployment projects in Bamboo Specs is similar to that of updating a plan. The main difference is the class you need to define in your Bamboo Specs code:

private Deployment createDeployment() {
    return new Deployment(new PlanIdentifier("PROJECTKEY", "PLANKEY"),
                "Deployment project name")
                .releaseNaming(new ReleaseNaming("release-1")
                .environments(new Environment("Test environment")
                        .tasks(new ScriptTask().inlineBody("echo Hello world!")));

Once you defined this class, instruct Bamboo Specs to publish your deployment to deployment server, just like you do with plans:

Deployment myDeployment = createDeployment();
Last modified on Aug 1, 2017

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