Defining a new version control capability

Version control capabilities let Bamboo know where the client application for a version control system is located, so that Bamboo can perform a checkout while building. Bamboo requires that a capability for at least one of the following version control repositories be set so that Bamboo can check out source code from that repository type:

  • Bitbucket Cloud
  • Git 
    If no capability is provided, Bamboo will use its built-in Git implementation. Note that the built-in Git implementation does not support symbolic links, submodules, automatic branch detection, or automatic merging.
  • Perforce

Note that there is no need to create a SVN capability as SVN support is built into every Bamboo agent.

Example version control executable paths

For the version control systems that require capabilities to be set on agents, the following table offers example paths for both Linux and Windows systems.

Note that these paths may differ on your actual system's configuration.

Capability typeExample paths
  • /usr/bin/git
  • C:\Program Files\Git\git.exe
  • /usr/local/bin/hg 
  • C:\Program Files\Mercurial\hg.exe

To define a new version control capability

  1. Navigate to the desired agent.
  2. Select either a local or remote agent.
  3. Select the version control type you require from Capability type.
  4. Provide the full path to client executable on the agent machine.

(info) If you install a new agent on a machine that has Git already installed, the agent will find the Git client automatically.

Last modified on Oct 10, 2023

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