Integrating Bamboo with Fisheye

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When Bamboo is integrated with Atlassian's Fisheye, you can:

  • view the code changes that triggered a build
  • explore a failed build in Fisheye and jump directly into the changeset that broke the build
  • view the history of the changeset to see what the author was trying to fix
  • analyze the change using the side-by-side diff view
  • open the relevant files in your IDE.

A Bamboo administrator can make links to individual source-code files available by connecting the plan to the source repository, as described below.

You can specify repositories at the following levels in Bamboo:

  • global – repositories are available to all plans in Bamboo.
  • plan – repositories are available to all jobs in the Bamboo plan.
  • job – repositories are available to all tasks in the Bamboo job.

The recommended approach is to set up linked source repositories at the global level – see Linking to source code repositories.

To integrate Bamboo with Fisheye:

  1. Navigate to the repository configuration for a linked repository, plan or job. See Linking to source code repositories.
  2. Select a repository name, and select Web repository > Fisheye.
  3. Specify the Fisheye URL, Repository name and Repository path

Web repository configuration page

(warning) If links to Fisheye are broken in Bamboo builds, make sure that the Repository Path configured in Bamboo matches the Repository Location (under SCM Details) in Fisheye, for the specific repository.

Last modified on Jun 25, 2021

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