Configuring the hanging build event

The hanging build event is thrown when Bamboo determines that a build has become unresponsive according to two criteria:

  • Expected Build Time — defined as Build Time Multiplier x Average Build Time.
    • Build Time Multiplier is a user-defined setting.
    • Average Build Time is calculated by Bamboo using an average of previous build times (in minutes).
  • Log Quiet Time — the length of time (in minutes) between log entries for a build.

The Expected Build Time and Log Quiet Time must both be exceeded for Bamboo to throw a hanging build event.

This event is currently used by Bamboo to send notifications.

You can also disable build monitoring altogether so that the hanging build event never occurs.

Configure the hanging build event

You can change the criteria governing when a hanging build event is thrown. 

Note, the hanging build criteria can be also be set for a specific job, when specifying a job's builder. Job-level criteria will override the global criteria described on this page (including disabling this event).

To edit the hanging build event settings:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the screen, select
    Administration bamboo administration icon
    > Overview.
  2. Under Plans, select Build monitoring.
  3. Select Edit and update the values for Build time multiplier and Log quiet time as required.
  4. Select Save.

Build monitoring page

The check interval for hung builds

By default, Bamboo will check whether a hanging build event has been thrown every 60 seconds.

You can change this check interval by configuring the system property, bamboo.buildHangingMonitor.checkInterval. (This property is specified in seconds.)

Please read Starting Bamboo for instructions on how to configure the bamboo.buildHangingMonitor.checkInterval system property.

Last modified on Oct 9, 2023

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