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Running Bamboo Data Center on a single node

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If you no longer need Data Center, you can go back to a Server installation. This will be as easy as updating your license, but be aware that you’ll immediately lose features that are exclusive to Data Center.

How will the Data Center-only features be affected?

After moving from Data Center to Server, you will lose features exclusive to Data Center. Here’s the summary of how this will affect your current Bamboo instance:



SAML single sign-on
Use a SAML identity provider for authentication and single-sign on.

  • SAML login won’t work; the users will always be redirected to a login screen.

  • Users who had a password on their Atlassian account before SAML single sign-on was enabled will use that to log in.

  • Users who joined after SAML single sign-on was enabled will need to reset their password for their Atlassian account when they log in next time.

Build resiliency

Ability for the builds and deployments executed on remote agents (including EC2 agents) to continue despite Bamboo server being stopped.

  • No longer available

  • Data stored for the purpose of supporting build resiliency is removed from the filesystem

  • Results returned by agents after server restart are ignored

View configuration permission
Explicit permission to browse plans' and deployments' configuration without ability to edit it.

  • Hidden from the permissions UI

  • The permission is not revoked from the users having it

  • No change to how permission are checked; actions that require the permission will still be accessible to users with the permission

  • The permission is implicitly granted when granting edit or clone permission

  • The permission is implicitly revoked when revoking both edit and clone permissions

  • Explicit granting of this permission in Bamboo Specs is ignored.

Before you begin

  • This guide assumes that you’re using a standalone Bamboo Data Center. 

  • We recommend completing this process in a staging environment, and running a set of functional tests, integration tests, and performance tests, before making these changes in production.

To move back to Bamboo Server

  1. Get a license for Bamboo Server.
    You can find existing Server license at
  2. Apply the license:
    1. Go to Administration > Licensing.
    2. Update the license.

After updating the license, your Bamboo instance will become a Server one.

Last modified on May 18, 2021

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