Working with labels

label is a convenient way to tag and group build results that are logically related to each other. Labels can also be used to define RSS feeds and to control build expiry. With Bamboo, you can label your build results in whatever way works best for your team. Labels are not restricted to a particular plan, so you can apply the same label to build results from different plans.

For example, it might not be practical for your QA team to review every build, and you need to know which builds they have reviewed. By using labels such as "qa_passed" and "qa_failed", Bamboo allows them to simply indicate which builds have passed and failed QA.

You can include a Jira issue key in the label, as long as the key is of the default Jira issue key format (that is, two or more uppercase letters ([A-Z][A-Z]+), followed by a hyphen and the issue number, for example BAM-123).

Bamboo administrators can also configure automatic labeling of job build results.

Label a build result

You must be logged in to Bamboo before you can label a build result.

To label a particular build result, simply select the pencil icon (), beside Labels in the Details section of the Summary tab. You can also label a build result using Instant Messaging. Select the at the right of a label if you need to remove it.

Select Labels on the Summary tab to see the other labels that have been used for the plan's builds. Select a label there to see all the projects, plans, and build results where that label is used. 

Label a plan

Bamboo allows you to label plans. Labeling a plan allows you to filter the plans displayed on the Build dashboard or Wallboard. You may want to do this if you have set up a large number of plans in your Bamboo instance and want to highlight specific plans for attention.

For example, you may want to label all builds related to the release with a release label. You can then filter your Wallboard during your release, to display only these builds.

You must be logged in to Bamboo before you can label a plan.

Simply go to the plan you want to label and select Actions > Modify plan label.

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Last modified on Jun 14, 2021

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