You are able to get reports about various kinds of activity in Bamboo:

Summary statistics for all users
A list of summary build statistics for all Bamboo users, showing such things as the number of builds triggered, broken and fixed.

See  Viewing build statistics for all users.

Build results for an author
Build results summaries for someone who has committed code to projects in Bamboo, including the last 10 builds, the last 10 broken and the last 10 fixed.

See Viewing build results for an author.

Comparison charts for authors
Create comparison charts of build activity for selected authors.

See Generating reports on selected authors.

Comparison charts for plans
Create comparison charts of build results for selected plans.

See Generating reports across multiple plans.

Clover code-coverage reports

See Viewing the Clover code-coverage for a plan.

See Viewing the Clover code-coverage for a build.


Last modified on Jun 28, 2017

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