Configuring Bamboo to use Google Talk for Instant Messaging

Configuring Bamboo to use Instant Messaging

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If your Bamboo server has access to the internet, it can use Google Talk to send IM notifications about build results.

Before you begin:

  • Google Talk does not allow IM messages to be received unless the receiver has approved the sender. Please ensure that the Gmail user specified below is approved by each Google Talk recipient. That is, ensure that the Host and Username have previously sent messages to each other via Google Talk.
  • The Google Talk service is hosted at The default port is 5222. (Note: be aware that your firewall might be blocking traffic to this port.)
  • TLS is required.
  • The only supported authentication mechanism is SASL PLAIN. For additional information, please see:

To configure Bamboo to use Google Talk for Instant Messaging:

  1. From the top navigation bar select cogwheel icon > CommunicationIM server.

  2. Select Edit. Modify the settings as required.

    Type (If your IM Server uses an account, type

    Leave blank. Bamboo will perform a DNS lookup to figure out which port to use.

    Type the login name of the Google account from which IM notifications will be sent. Starting with Bamboo 3.4, you need to include the domain name, e.g., NOT atlassianbamboo.

    Change password
    Select this if you have specified a username different from the currently logged-in user.

    An identifying name for the connection if multiple clients use the same jabber account.

    Requires a TLS/SSL connection
    Select this.

    Force legacy SSL

    Test recipient address
    You can test this configuration by entering an address and selecting Test.

  3. Select Save.
Last modified on Jun 22, 2021

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