Agent disconnected: " Connection timed out"

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The remote agent is dropping out due to errors similar to: Connection timed out


  1. Firewall/Router: Ensure that you don't have a firewall/router which might be closing network connections due to inactivity.

  2. Low Network Throughput: The error can also occur, whilst sending large messages over slow network link:
    This problem arises because the ActiveMQ message broker continuously checks for activity on a socket, and whilst building a large message in the TCP socket buffer, the inactivity monitor will time out

As the document suggests, edit your <Bamboo_Home>/bamboo.cfg.xml file and update the section below. Set the maxInactivityDuration value to a number > 300000:

<property name="">failover:(tcp://;initialReconnectDelay=15000</property>

Last modified on Jun 1, 2018

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