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My artifact copy pattern is not selecting the right files.


An artifact is defined in Bamboo by the use of an Ant Copy Pattern and a location relative to the top of the build directory.

There are many approaches that can be used to select files to be included as an artifact so there are bound to be many ways to do this. 

At this time, we only provide functionality for the inclusive identification of files, not exclusion.

There are three parts to defining an artifact:

The Name, which will be how you can refer to the artifact in later stages.  

The Location. This is a way of applying the selection pattern to a location deeper in the build directory.  See the examples below. 

The Copy pattern. This is the regular expression that will deternine what gets selected. 


The easiest way to define an artifact is to find a "location" as close as possible to the actual artefact elements and then use a simple pattern to select those files.  

Given a file structure below which is inside a PROJ-PLAN-JOB directory:

I can use the following artifact definitions to extract particular sets or combinations of files that will make up that artifact:

namelocationCopy pattern
All the files in the filesDirPROJ-PLAN-JOB/ArtifactTest/firstDir/secondDir/filesDir*
All the files that are Jars (no txt files) under ArtifactTestPROJ-PLAN-JOB/ArtifactTest**/*.jar
Everything Under ArtifactTestPROJ-PLAN-JOB/ArtifactTest**
Content of firstDirectory (Files only)PROJ-PLAN-JOB/ArtifactTest/firstDirectory*.jar
Content of firstDirectory (Inc Dirs and files)PROJ-PLAN-JOB/ArtifactTest/firstDirectory*
Only jars in the filesDirPROJ-PLAN-JOB/ArtifactTest/firstDir/secondDir/filesDir*.jar

Last modified on Oct 15, 2019

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