How to Enable Detailed SQL Logging

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Bamboo uses the open source persistence framework Hibernate. This page tells you how to configure Bamboo's logging to report individual SQL requests that are sent to the database by Hibernate. It is useful for troubleshooting the following events:

  • Database Corruption
  • Exceptions caused by an illegal database operation
  • Any Database specific error(s)

It is advisable to enable detailed SQL logging before sending us log files so, after you have enabled enhanced logging, please replicate the action that was causing the error in the first place and then generate a Support Zip. This will assist us in determining what SQL queries were running during the reported problem.

 Enabling detailed SQL logging greatly increases the amount of log output produced, potentially resulting in increased disk usage. Ensure you have sufficient disk space available and disable detailed SQL logging once you no longer need it.

Enabling SQL logging using

  1. Stop Bamboo.
  2. Edit, located in <bamboo-install>/atlassian-bamboo/WEB-INF/classes.
  3. Add the following lines to
  4. Start Bamboo

Enabling SQL logging in the Bamboo UI

  1. Access Administration > Overview > Log settings
  2. Add the following log settings:


Disable Batched Updates

  1. Stop Bamboo
  2. Edit <bamboo-home>/bamboo.cfg.xml and add the following hibernate.jdbc.batch_size property line:

        <property name="hibernate.jdbc.batch_size">0</property>
  3. Start Bamboo.

Last modified on Sep 19, 2019

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