How to increase debug logging to investigate remote agent problems

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This knowledge base article is intended to help in troubleshooting agent problems by increasing the logged information on server and/or agent logs.


Option1: Debug server and agent (requires a server restart)
  1. Edit the <Bamboo-Install>/atlassian-bamboo/WEB-INF/classes/
  2. The debug classes can be added on demand in your file depending on what problem is being troubleshot:

    SubjectClasses to debug
     Agent Registration
     Agent load
    External process
  3. Restart both server and agent (the above debugging classes will also take effect on agent logs after the restart) 

Option2: Debug only the agent

If you cannot restart your server, you can enable the logging only on the agent side with the following steps:

  1. Stop your agent
  2. Copy the  <Bamboo-Install>/atlassian-bamboo/WEB-INF/classes/ (Bamboo server) to your <Agent_Home> directory
  3. Edit the based on debugging classes suggested in the table above
  4. Configure your agent to load the file:
    Uncomment the line following line on <bamboo-agent-home>/conf/wrapper.conf and add the absolute path to the file you just copied:

    It should look like this after the change:<AGENT_HOME>/
  5. Restart the agent

For more info on how to increase log verbosity on remote agents:

Extra debugging: Investigating packet content

For deeper investigation on packet content, network traffic dumps between the agent and the server are helpful.
Please enable the network packet capturing on server side and reproduce the problem. Please refer to
 Capturing HTTP traffic using Wireshark or Fiddler for more details on how to capture the network packet.

Last modified on Dec 2, 2021

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