How to rename Bamboo Agent home directory

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If you are wondering how to safely rename a Remote Agent's home directory after it has successfully been in service, this is the right place. This is to ensure that the Remote Agent will look for your configuration files in the correct place. If you simply rename the Remote Agent's home directory and start the Agent, it will create a brand new directory and will install the Remote Agent from scratch. It will not use your existing data.

1. Stop Remote Agent

It is very important to stop the Remote Agent before making any changes. If you intend to rename the Remote Agent's home directory, please make sure it is not running before proceeding.

2. Update Remote Agent configuration files

The following files should be manually updated after renaming the Remote Agent's home directory:

  1. <bamboo-agent-home>/bamboo-agent.cfg.xml
    There's a parameter named <buildWorkingDirectory> inside this file that will look like this:


     Update the path to reflect the directory name change.

  2. <bamboo-agent-home>/conf/wrapper.conf
    There's a java parameter named -Dbamboo.home inside this file:

     Update it to reflect the directory name change.


Last modified on Apr 15, 2016

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