Saving Repositories, SSH/SCP Tasks, Triggers and Shared Credentials hanging in Chrome and Edge

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Saving never completes when performing Bamboo save actions, such as:

  • Tasks E.g. SCP, SSH
  • Triggers
  • Repositories
  • Shared Credentials

It will manifest as the save button greying out and doing nothing or an infinite spinner (hanging). A HAR file (or network tab) will show there was no response to the POST and that the status is “(cancelled)“. If you look at the raw HAR file, it will show ERR_ABORTED.




This happens due to a Chromium bug 


It generally does not appear to actually stop the save from happening. The POST makes it to the backend and is actioned but the browser errors out before processing the response, so exiting the screen works.


Update your browser to a version that contains the fix. Known fixed versions listed below:

  • Chrome 83.0.4103.97 
  • Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.45

Or use a different browser not based on Chromium, such as Firefox or Safari.

Last modified on Jun 15, 2020

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