Limitations of Bitbucket Pipelines

Here's a list of limitations of Bitbucket Pipelines. 





Build minutes

Pipelines is free to use at this time. To find out more about pricing for early 2017, please see Bitbucket's upcoming pricing. To prevent abuse during the free trial period, each team will receive a build allowance based on the number of users in the team (500 minutes per user) which can be increased on request.

For example, the build allowance for a team with 12 users:

  • 12 users * 500 minutes = 6000 minutes for the month

Monthly usage is reset on the first day of each month.



Build limits

Limits per build:

  • 4GB of memory (RAM)
  • 2 hours execution time
  • 5GB of disk space



Push limits

Accidentally triggering build pipelines can deprive you of build minutes. To prevent this, we don’t run any pipelines for pushes that have more than five references.



Features not available for Pipelines yet

  • Building and pushing Docker images from your scripts (Available in Alpha)
  • JIRA integration. Build statuses from Pipelines don't show up in the development panel. 
  • Build artifacts stored by Bitbucket (you can still use third-party artifact repositories)
  • Building Windows applications
  • Accessing services like artifact repositories or container registries behind a firewall




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