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Using the feedback form

On the bottom of every page in our documentation, we've added the ability to submit feedback on pages. If you have any of the following (or something else entirely!):

  • Something new to be added, such as a new page, or a screenshot.
  • An error or typo, or something that has become out of date.
  • A request for an addition.
  • An improvement to the existing page.
  • A comment about how great something is, or a complaint about something.

Please feel free to use this function to help us to improve the quality of our documentation, and we'll do our best to get to it in a timely fashion. 

Helpful suggestions when submitting using the feedback form

 We've listed some ideas below that really help us when we read and triage your feedback. 

  • We like knowing what version you're using, same as when logging a bugfix ticket: Not all versions of the documentation are the same, and sometimes it's not clear which version a suggestion refers to. 
  • If it's an error, copy and paste it or screenshot exactly the problem: This isn't always necessary, but sometimes something that seems really obvious in your head, is not immediately clear to another person.
  • Nobody is perfect so we love to fix spelling mistakes or other little oversights. No problem is too small to submit using the form!

A few small things to remember

Just a few reminders for when you have found something that is really annoying or important to you:

  • There are real people at the other end helping you: We understand that when you find an error, it can be really frustrating, especially when it impacts your work or favorite project. Please remember there are actual people reading all of this and triaging the tickets.
  • Sometimes we can't get things done immediately: We understand some changes are pretty small, and it might seem like things are moving pretty slowly. If that's the case, rest assured we're working as hard as we can! No issue is unimportant, but often resource has to be focused on errors, rather than improvements.
  • We can't incorporate everything: Sometimes you may have a really cool idea for an improvement that can't be actioned no matter what we do. Here at Atlassian we have a lot of freedom, but there are style guides, theme restrictions and other limitations. For example, if you really want a scenario documented but it's a real doozy of an edge case, we have to weigh up whether it will help the majority of the users of the documentation, or whether we should document something that more people are experiencing.

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Last modified on Jun 21, 2021

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