An email server must be configured in Bitbucket Server for email notifications to be sent. See Setting up your mail server. Note that if the mail server fails, notifications will be dropped. See also Hipchat notifications.

Batched email notifications

Notifications are aggregated by user for each pull request and are emailed in a batch. The batch gets sent if things go quiet for a while (default is 10 minutes), or when the oldest notification gets 'stale' (default is 30 minutes), whichever comes first. 

By default, email notifications are batched. However:

  • You can change your personal account settings (on the Notification settings tab) so that you recieve notifications immediately.
  • Pull request notifications and repository notifications have separate settings for notifications to be batched or recieved immediately. E.g., you can opt to receive pull request notifications immediately, but receive repository notifications in a batch.
  • A Bitbucket Server admin can configure the period of inactivity and the staleness timeout period in the Bitbucket Server config properties file
  • A Bitbucket Server admin can change the notification mode for the Bitbucket Server instance to 'immediate' using a system property, but users can still opt in for batched notifications.

Using 'mentions' to notify someone

From Bitbucket Server 2.0 'mentions' can be used to notify another Bitbucket Server user about the pull request description or comment you are writing. Bitbucket Server sends an email to that person – the emails are batched if they have opted for batching in their personal account settings.

To use mentions, simply start typing '@' and then the users display name, username or email address, and choose from the list that Bitbucket Server offers. You can use quotes for unusual names, for example if it has spaces. Use Control-Shift-P or Command-Shift-P to preview the mention.

Last modified on Oct 13, 2020

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