Integrate your CI/CD pipeline

Integrated CI/CD is a comprehensive CI/CD solution. With it, you can integrate Bitbucket Data Center with Bamboo or Jenkins, unlocking a range of benefits.

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What is CI/CD?

CI/CD is a modern approach to software development that focuses on continuous integration (CI), and continuous development or delivery (CD). Learn more about CI/CD on the Atlassian CI/CD website.

Quick and easy set up

Integrated CI/CD removes the need to use complex third-party or custom integrations to link the applications in your CI/CD pipeline. It comes with the ability to create a seamless link to Bamboo or Jenkins, making it quick and easy to set up. Once this link has been created at a global level, the whole team can then create and maintain their own CI/CD pipelines.

Simplified pipeline creation and maintenance

With its support for configuration as code, Integrated CI/CD makes pipeline creation and maintenance simple. To create a pipeline, you simply create a configuration file, check it into the target repository, and configure Bamboo or Jenkins to detect it. It will then be a versioned artifact, making it easy to keep up-to-date, reducing unreliable builds and incidents.

Centralized contextual feedback

Once you’ve integrated the applications in your CI/CD pipeline, you’ll be able to see feedback where it matters most. Build statuses and test results will all be pulled into Bitbucket, where you can see them in context. You’ll also be able to act on builds from Bitbucket, reducing the need to switch tools.

See where your code is deployed on pull requests and commits without leaving Bitbucket. 

Get started

Check out our Supported Platforms page to see what you need to get started. Then when you’re ready, see how to Link your CI server.

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022

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