How do I clear data from Bitbucket Server instance?

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The purpose of this article is to clarify how to clear data from the Bitbucket instance in order to reconfigure the instance from scratch.


  • Bitbucket Server/DC


Be aware this procedure will wipe out all the current data in the Bitbucket instance.

  1. Log into the instance with the Administrator account, then go to Support > Atlassian Support Tools, click the System Information tab and determine:
    1. Which directory is being used as Home Directory;
    2. The database that the instance is connected to.
  2. Shutdown the instance
  3. Delete the contents of the Home Directory (or move it elsewhere)
  4. Erase all the content from the current Bitbucket database instance by dropping (drop command) the database being used by that instance (you can create a database dump before), then recreate it.
  5. After doing these steps above, the next time you try to start that instance you will go through its Setup Wizard again.

Last modified on Aug 31, 2022

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