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This page contains information related to missing data from the Repository page listing and reasons why a repository, its size, or activity date may be missing. Advanced repository management was introduced as a new feature in Bitbucket Data Center 7.13. Repository sizes were added in version 7.14.

Missing repositories

When you upgrade to Bitbucket Data Center 7.13 or higher, there could be a short delay in seeing the list of repositories in your instance. This is due to the time it could take for the initial indexing to complete.

No date shown

A date may not be specified next to a repository in the Last changed column. This would be due to the fact that a repository may not have ever had any activity.

Missing or 0 B repository size

If you’re upgrading to Bitbucket Data Center 7.14 or higher, there could be a 0 B shown in the repository’s size column. This would indicate that it’s a fork (that contains data) but has not had any changes made to it to increase the size difference from its upstream repository.

There could also potentially be an empty size state next to a repository.

Reasons for missing size:

  • The size was never calculated likely because it’s a new repository that has never been pushed to.

  • The approximated repository size is temporarily missing because of a delay in calculating and displaying.

To force an update to the repository size, go to the Repository settings > Repository details, and then select Retrieve size details next to Size. The size should immediately be shown but could take a couple of minutes or less to display back on the Repository page.

Last modified on Jul 15, 2021

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