29 November 2015 to 5 December 2015

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JIRA 7.1.0-OD-02

Issues in projects, now bigger and better

The new "project issue view" for JIRA Core and JIRA Software gives you an expanded view of any issue from within a project. Just click the  icon or an issue link in an issue...

And the target issue will be displayed like this...

This new view works exactly like the regular issue view (e.g. keyboard shortcuts, pagination, inline editing, etc) but you'll get much more space without losing the project sidebar.

Epic change to epic selection

Doing work across multiple projects and teams means your list of epics can grow to epic proportions. That's why we've made it easier to find the epic you want to link to when creating or editing issues, and made searches for epic-linked issues much simpler.

Linking an issue to an epic

When you create or edit an issue and link it to an epic, you'll find that:

  • Done epics are now automatically excluded from the list unless you select them to appear
  • Open epics from your current project appear at the top of the list as suggestions
  • When you start typing an epic name the list results match what you type

Issue navigator basic search

When you do a basic search for an issue in the issue navigator and select the Epic Link filter option:

  • Open and done epics appear alphabetically in the list
  • When you start typing, the list shows only matches for what you type

To show only epics from specific projects, refine the list using the Project filter.

Just like before, you can also search for any issue with No Epic Link.

Granting project permissions

Controlling what access people have to your projects has just got easier, as we've updated the way you edit your project permission scheme. Granting permissions in now done in a dialog, simply click the Edit link to display the 'Grant permission' dialog, and select the permissions you want to grant, and to whom. Want to remove someone from a permission? No problem, find the permission, click Remove and choose what group, role, or user you want to remove.

Viewing your versions

We've made selecting the quick filters on the Release (JIRA Software) or Versions (JIRA Core) page more intuitive by removing the drop-down and adding persistent 'sticky' labels. This allows you to quickly filter your versions by Released or Unreleased, and we've even made the search bar a little slicker too. Try it to see what we mean!

Rejoice, JIRA Cloud administrators!!

We've listened to your requests, and we've implemented  JRA-26866 - Getting issue details... STATUS . This allows JIRA administrators to edit some of the advanced settings in their JIRA Cloud instance, that were previously restricted to Atlassian Support. Giving JIRA administrators this increased flexibility to manage their instance has been a long requested feature, and we're happy to finally make it a reality.

We've also fixed some bugs, and you can view a full list here.

JIRA Software bug fixes

Find out which bug fixes went into this release here.

Bamboo 5.10-OD-09

Bamboo build statuses for Bitbucket Cloud

View build status for commits, branches, and pull requests directly in Bitbucket Cloud.

All you have to do is set up the plan to use the Bitbucket Cloud repository type and provide valid Bitbucket credentials.

For more information, see the Bitbucket Cloud documentation:

Bug fixes

We've fixed the following bugs:

BAM-14872 - Bamboo fails to recreate purged index directory RESOLVED

BAM-16342 - Bulk edit plan permission fail when username contain @ OPEN

BAM-16130 - Bulk edit plan permissions fails when group\user name has blank spaces OPEN  

BAM-16350 - Show agent dedication details on job requirements page OPEN

BAM-16318 - Emojis in branch names cause Bamboo to create a huge amount of new branch builds RESOLVED

BAM-15873 - Artifact definition name change not reflected on "Deployment project summary" page OPEN

Portfolio for JIRA 1.10.8-OD-001

This is a bugfix release.

Key Status Summary Votes

JIRA Service Desk 3.1.0-OD-06

This is a bugfix release. 

Key Status Summary Votes

Last modified on Dec 1, 2015

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