Atlassian account for administrators

An Atlassian account allows your users to log in to any of your Atlassian Cloud products with the same email address. Refer to Atlassian account basics for users to see how your users log in from individual products. For details about the upgrade to Atlassian account and our rollout status, refer to The upgrade to Atlassian account. If you or your users are having trouble with the Atlassian account, log a ticket at Atlassian support.

As an administrator, you have the following benefits when all your users have an Atlassian account.

  • Less accounts for you to create
    You don't have to create an account for each user in product. You also don't create an Atlassian account for your users. You invite them to your site with their email address. If they don't have an account for that email address, we'll walk them through creating one.
  • More control over your users' accounts
    As an administrator of Atlassian accounts, you claim a domain for your site, giving you more control over any email accounts with that domain. From there, you can enforce a password policy, authenticate with SAML, and (not currently, but soon) require two-step verification. As an alternative, you can integrate with G Suite and enforce your authentication policies through Google.

For more details about setting up authentication policies, refer to our Authentication section.

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