JIRA Software sprint management - first release

As previously blogged, we're now shipping the first release of the Manage Sprints permission changes on 6th December 2015. With the first release, the Manage Sprints permission will be created, and existing users with the Administer Project permission will be assigned the new permission for the same projects. The same sprint actions will check for the new permission, so it will be business as usual.

The following sprint-related actions will now be assigned to specific users in your team, thereby separating these from the actions that come with the Administer Project permission:

  • Creating sprints
  • Starting sprints
  • Completing sprints
  • Editing sprint information (sprint name and dates)
  • Reordering sprints  (currently only future sprints)
  • Deleting sprints (currently only future sprints)
  • Reopening sprints
  • Moving the sprint footer

What's next?

In the second release of the Manage Sprints permission changes, we will be adding the following sprint-related actions to the new permission:

  • Adding issues to sprints
  • Removing issues from sprints

Currently, users must have the 'Schedule Issue' and 'Edit Issue' permissions to perform these actions.

JIRA Administrators should start manually setting the specific users to have the Manage Sprints permission before the second release.

If you have the 'Schedule Issue' or 'Edit Issue' permissions, and you're adding an issue to or removing an issue from a sprint in JIRA Software, you will also see a message, advising you about the coming changes, and to contact your JIRA Administrator about permission changes.

Your feedback is invaluable

Change is never easy – and this change in particular may require preparation on your end. Please use this Feedback Form to send us your thoughts about the new Manage Sprints permission. We strongly urge you to send us your invaluable feedback.

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