Upcoming Atlassian Cloud Upgrade for week starting 06 December 2015

Planned for this week:

Confluence 6.0.0-OD-2015.50

The multimedia macro, now in HTML5 technicolor

Well not so much the technicolor, but the HTML5 part.

We've overhauled the multimedia macro, so that it now uses the HTML5 <video> and <audio> tags that are supported by modern browsers. This also means that your browser will decide what player controls – like play/pause and full screen – appear with your media.

Try it out today – just drag a video or audio file into your page, and Confluence will upload it and have the multimedia macro ready and waiting for you.

JIRA Service Desk 3.1.0-OD-07

This is a minor bug fix release. 

Bamboo 5.10-OD-10-008

Remote agents for Bamboo Cloud

BAM-11870 - Getting issue details... STATUS

In our quest for continual improvement, we've been reaching out to our customers for feedback. We’ve heard you and to prove it, we are excited to announce that remote agents are now available for Bamboo Cloud! 

Our favorite features include:

  • Support for iOS and OSX builds
  • Easier customization with full control over the agents
  • No additional AWS cost
  • You can evaluate and use Bamboo Cloud without providing AWS credentials

If you are a new customer, sign up for Bamboo Cloud and use the wizard to set up your first remote agent:

If you're a Bamboo Cloud subscriber already, go to the Agents page in Bamboo administration and use the Install remote agent button:

Bug fixes

On top of everything, we've fixed the following bugs:

BAM-16462 - Getting issue details... STATUS

BAM-13318 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Known issues

BAM-16951 - Getting issue details... STATUS

If you are using Ubuntu stock images and you installed additional dependencies through instance startup scripts or EBSes, you may encounter problems. In such case, upgrade to one of these images (select a corresponding region):

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