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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


  • For users experiencing slow load times,  slow searches, slow issue updates, and generally slow latency on their Cloud site.

General Causes

Browser performance

Outdated browsers will experience a slowdown or plugin/javascript loading issues.

  • Check browser version to see if it is up to date and supported
  • Check for extensions that check or disable javascript.

ISP or Network issues

This is most likely a factor if you are experience load-time issues on one machine, but not another.

  • Are you experiencing slow load times on other websites as well?
  • Has your ISP reported any issues/outages in the area?
  • Does your connection to your modem/router drop frequently?
  • Check your traceroute and look for high latency

    • Windows - enter 'tracert' followed by your site URL into a command prompt
    • OSX/Linux - enter 'traceroute' followed by your site URL into a terminal
    • Also in OSX navigate to to Applications>Utilities>Network Utilities>Traceroute tab

Issues with your site

If your site has recently increased usage, applications or plugins it may need fine tuning. This can be assessed by the Cloud Support team.

Possible Fixes

  • Update your browser to the latest version
  • Disable any scripts that inhibit javascript
  • Flush your DNS and release/renew your IP address if you are having overall latency issues (not just with your site)

Next Steps

If slowness is affecting multiple users from multiple locations and is independent to network problems, submit a support ticket at support.atlassian.com

Please include the following information:

  1. Site name/URL
  2. When was the slowness first noticed?
  3. Is it affecting all users?
  4. What sections are affected? Does it affect all?
  5. What actions are being done when the slowness is experienced? Can you list sequence of steps done?
  6. Can you provide a full screenshot showing errors or the pages where the slowness is more noticeable? Please include the full screen with URL.
  7. Use Google Chrome to produce a HAR file of the following pages while performance problems are experienced. (Please ensure your browser cache is cleared before every HAR generation.)
    • The pages that are slow
    • The default application page of the slow application on your site (e.g. JIRA: https://<your-site>.atlassian.net or Confluence: https://<your-site>.atlassian.net/wiki).
    • This page <INSERT LINK HERE> for comparison
  8. The output of a TCP trace-route from your computer to your Cloud Site while the site is experiencing performance problems capture:


    tracert <your-site>.atlassian.net

    OS X:

    sudo traceroute <your-site>.atlassian.net


    sudo traceroute -T <your-site>.atlassian.net 2800

     Steps 7 & 8 are important to check connectivity to Atlassian servers and determine if there are Network problems

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  • For users experiencing slow load times,  slow searches, slow issue updates, and generally slow latency on their Cloud site.
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Last modified on Jun 13, 2019

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