Uploading Large files to WebDAV

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Atlassian Cloud applications no longer support WebDAV. For updated import information, please refer to Import and export data.


You need to bring an import into JIRA Cloud, but the size of your backup may be bigger than 4GB whereas individual files can't be larger than 4GB when uploading to WebDAV.


Uploading to WebDAV is failing due to the file being too large (over 4GB).


  1. Split the files

    (info) We recommend limiting files to 1GB in size. This minimizes the window of opportunity for the upload process to fail, and in case of a failed upload, minimizes the time spent re-uploading the same information multiple times.

    Linux / Mac OS X

    split -d --bytes=1024m <BackupName>.zip <BackupName>.zip.


    HJSplit to split the file: http://www.hjsplit.org/

  2. Upload the files over WebDAV.

  3. Let Atlassian Support know that the backup has been uploaded by opening a ticket on support.atlassian.com so we can merge the split files.

Last modified on Nov 18, 2016

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