Cache Statistics

Confluence provides statistics about its internal caches that allow you to track the size and hit ratio of each cache and tune it for better performance (if necessary). See Performance Tuning for more information.

Configurable Caches

System administrators can change the sizes of Confluence's internal caches through the Administration Console and these changes will take effect without the need to first shut down and then restart Confluence. The maximum number of units for any of the defined cache regions can be adjusted individually.

Note that larger cache sizes will require more memory at runtime, so you should review the memory allocation of the Confluence Java process and the physical memory available on your server.

Viewing Cache Statistics and Modifying Cache Sizes

To view the cache statistics:

  1. Go to  > General Configuration > Cache Management.
  2. Choose Show Advanced View.

Here is an example for one of the most frequently used caches, the 'Content Object' cache.

About the generated numbers:

Capacity Utilisation


For example Percent Used = 4023 / 5000 = 80%


=(Hits)/(Hits + Misses)

For example Effectiveness = 374550 / (374550 + 140460) = 73%

Current / Max Entries

The number of entries in the cache / the number of total possible entries allowed (this is the size of the cache).

Current Heap Size Heap memory (in MB) allocated to this cache (if applicable)

Hit / Miss / Evicted

The number of reads accessing cache where required content was found / the number of reads accessing cache where required content was not found / the number of objects evicted from the cache.

Adjust Size

Use this option to specify a different maximum cache size.


Flushes the cache.

Changes to cache size configurations are saved in the config/ file in your home directory (or shared home directory in a Confluence Data Center cluster). 

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